Let Shireen Mazari sleep

A photo where Shireen Mazari can be seen napping in her office has taken the internet by storm. She’s become a centre of attack over it and being heavily criticised not just by the opponents but also the supporters. How dare the minister for human rights take a nap like that when there’s a dire human rights crisis plaguing the country, right?

Well, I understand the sentiment and it might seem harmless but one should be mindful that this picture alone doesn’t prove anything. She not doing her job does. We all have many disagreements with Mazari especially when it comes to priorities she and her office has. Sure, criticise her for that. Just don’t troll her left right and centre and those posts about her appearance are really not funny.

There’s also a case of how napping at workplace is good for productivity. It’s possible she could just be doing that? In which case, let the minister nap.

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