Shan Masala’s Eid abroad ad will leave you in tears

A still from the ad

A three-minute long video advertisement released online by Shan Masala has gone viral. The commercial’s theme is Eid and how one longs to be with their loved ones on special occasions like Eid. The emotional ad will leave you in tears, especially if you’re a Desi living abroad. I watched it twice and was in tears both time, maybe because I can relate; I lived abroad for a brief time and spent one Eid without my loved ones.

Without further ado, watch the commercial and leave your comments below.

This longer version of the ad appears to be for internet only, you’ll see a shorter version on TV.


  1. Actually I thought this was a pretty cheesy ad. Sorry for holding an opinion opposite to most people. But the fact is, there was a lot of over acting. I’ve lived abroad for five years while studying (in 4 different countries in the EU) and not a single time have I met either a Pakistani or Indian who missed their families like this. Honestly speaking, their families were glad they were in Europe (esp. Indians), and the students were more than happy to not have to eat desi food.


    1. Missy! You’ve got a whole different opinion, those who don’t miss their parents must’ve been not theirs, it’s s matter of priority that make us to shed tears when we’re not around our beloved, you’re missing that priority instinct,


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