Arguably loudest actress Mehwish Apa passes away silently

The previous week has been littered with multitudinous news around the globe. Some providential while others heart-wrenching. Mehwish apa, a name in the history of Lollywood passed away on May 21st, Thursday, bringing tears in the eyes of many.

Starting her career as a stage actress, she made her way towards Lollywood and performed supporting roles in Pakistani dramas. Despite all her hardy work and determination, Mehwish Apa was still deprived of recognition. It’s a sad fact that legends like Mehwish apa, Babbu Baral and many others struggled throughout their lives to earn at least what they deserved, yet it seems we, as a nation have failed to give them what they deserved. And the loss is apparent.

Mehvish Apa’s services to the film industry as well as the stage drama industry have been epic. Her refined acting and spontaneous skills have carved out a special place in our hearts. Her lifetime struggle has left a deep mark on our hearts which shall never heal…

Here’s a clip from Hasb-e-Haal show that pays tribute to her.

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