US survey rates Pakistani men as world’s 3rd sexiest

As per a survey held by an American travel dating service, Pakistani men are world’s 3rd most sexy men. The Aussie men are second while the Irish are sexiest as per this survey.

The survey is taken by over 110,000 Americans and the results are as per the responses submitted. Here’s the full list:

Sexiest women in the world are:

10. Lebanese
9. Bulgarian
8. Filipina
7. Brazilian
6. Australian
5. English
4. Colombian
3. American
2. Barbadian/Bajan
1. Armenian

Sexiest men in the world are:

10. Spanish
9. Danish
8. Nigerian
7. Italian
6. Scottish
5. English
4. American
3. Pakistani
2. Australian
1. Irish

If you travel a lot and have an opinion on this, let us know through comments.

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