IT minister says you should thank for Cybercrime bill because…err…terrorism!

Federal Minister for Information Technology Anusha Rehman — we have no idea why she’s IT minister since she does not have any background in IT — appeared on Najam Sethi’s show to answer some of the questions raised in the show. She blatantly defended the government’s position on the draft while Sethi noded in the agreement. Watch the full video below but don’t get trapped by her articulate speech, she’s the lady that says we should all thank you for PTA for single-handedly doing the content management and protecting the nation from the harm. Need I remind you she couldn’t do anything about the YouTube ban? In fact, she supports it.

Do we live in a democratic country? The government claims so but the way things are headed, we’re on the verge of becoming theocratic tyranny on the models of Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.

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