Coca-Cola’s Rani Pulpy transition is Tabdeeli inspired

Who knew folks over at agency re-branding Coca-Cola’s pulpy orange drink were Imran Khan’s Tabdeeli(change) inspired? Even though there’s no mention of Imran Khan but it certainly looks like it since the advertising guys have integrated the hip ‘Tabdeeli Aa Gayi Hai’ tagline.

The name Rani Pulpy seems like desi touch in a bid to attract more the massive middle class market. Regardless, if Khan and Tahirul Qadri kick the dharna season again in the scorching summer, participants will have something to turn to.

Check out the print advertisement.

Photo by Advertistan on Twitter
Photo by Advertistan on Twitter

Update: Here’s Rani Pulpy’s TV commercial

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  1. i hate rani pulpy and most of all there is no taste difference its capturing someone’s mind and no additive flavors,so therefore don’t make fools to anyone that tabdeeli agaye ,by the way its not worth for rs.50 its better to reduce rs.10


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