Farhan Virk — the wannabe star who is actually a fraud

Photo by @drkhanns

Farhan Virk, the infamous self-proclaimed Social Media ‘activist’, turns out to be a fraud. Not just an ordinary fraud, but a big one…the criminal level! Virk who is now considered a mighty on Twitter rose to fame by impersonating nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan.

For a long time possibly years he led people into believing he was Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan by acting as such and impersonating. He posed as Dr AQ Khan, tweeted as Dr AQ Khan and participated in Twitter conversations as Dr AQ Khan — something of which the real AQ Khan had no knowledge.

Virk has been on deleting spree after tweeps have done amazing work exposing his hypocrisy by posting some interesting blast from the past.

Here for example, Virk is posing as Dr AQ Khan, narrating how Musharraf was gonna sell him to the CIA…how cliched can he be? Hint: Check people’s responses to the tweet. These are the people who were lured in thinking they were talking to AQ Khan.

Photo by @TheSoomro

Here’s another one, poor Virk served the country all his life and gave us nuclear weapons.

Photo by @drkhanns

And this one is damn too funny to miss. Even famous journalists like Wajahat S Khan fell into trap.

Photo by @Imranlodhi1

So was this a fan account Virk was running? NO! This was a classic example of impersonation…the one that lands you in federal prison for years. Here, I’ve managed to get another blast from the past. See what he claimed in the Twitter bio:


This is the guy who preaches morality day and night on Twitter, bullies secular, liberal and progressive Pakistanis, is responsible for half the right-wing trends on Twitter and his actions? Impersonates and defrauds others as a shortcut to success. And then says in his current Twitter bio:

A common man fighting Status quo, Medical student, Blogger, Social Media Activist, Travel Writer, Debator, wanna be Hussaini as.

Here’s a news flash for you! YOU ARE the status quo and corrupt mafia you proclaim to be fighting against! Be grateful Dr Qadeer hasn’t slapped you with a million rupees lawsuit. With evidence so dire, you could be locked up by FIA in Adiala jail Rawalpindi for at least a decade.

And I want to say to the PTI: It’s people like Virk who earn you titles like trolls and internet bullies. I wouldn’t be surprised if Virk was the one to start an assembly of trolls. Bottom line: You have to disown him and his likes before they bring more bad name to your party!

Well, you saw him on Mubashir Lucman’s show, what did you expect?



  1. Not a Farhan Virk’s fan, but ‘secular, ‘liberal’, ‘P R O G R E S S I V E’ Pakistanis part in your article explains a lot.


  2. No one ever have seen their leader speaking on proper forums with logics. In supreme court, in parliament he does not speak a word to prove his points but he only comes to media and put his case there.
    It is PTI who is full of hypocrites including their leader, This man is nothing as compared to Khan himself. As we know hundreds of examples from his day to day routine.


  3. Hi buddy
    I think u must drag him to court because as a Pakistan its not acceptable foe any of us that someone steals the identity of a national hero
    I can support u guys get a good lawyer nd bring this ******* to justice


  4. In my view Mr. Imran Khan is also responsible for this Liar Farhan Khan Virk. Imran Khan handled Social Media to him because Farhan himself accepted that and also tweeted that during sit-in days. PTI is full time Lota party and no doubt they are the biggest hypocrites and you can see how shamelessly they came back to their so called fake assemblies.


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