13 #WeHateLiberalFascists tweets that will make you bang your head

Just on the day the Islamabad police obtained the non-bailable warrant to arrest Lal Masjid cleric Abdul Aziz thanks to the efforts of liberal/progressive activists and members of the civil society, the right-wing tweeps — most of whom proclaim to be PTI supporters — decided to get back at liberals probably because they had the soft spot for the Lal Masjid cleric. It could be purely coincidental but you have to admit, the timing is suspicious.

The clicktivism begins with the hashtag #WeHateLiberalFascists (and we’ll tell you who started it at the end of this post) and it is the number one trending topic on Twitter in Pakistan at the time of publishing this blog post. Here are the top 13 tweets that will make you bang your head against the wall.

1. The one that implies anyone who is opposes PTI is a liberal. I mean in what sick parallel world would Fazlur Rehman be a liberal?

2. This one believes ‘liberal fascists’ are ‘God-less’! As if we haven’t had enough from those claiming to be ‘God-full’

3. Of dog foods and western cultures…

4. Unless this was a perfect troll, this dude is suggesting Sirajul Haq is a ‘liberal fascist’

5. Uh…what?

6. Oh this poor thing thinks Imran Khan is liberal?

7. Spamming can be subtle


8. The nationalism cause…right on

9. PTI is the whole Pakistan! Oh well, we saw that during dharna, didn’t we?


10. Oh and they’re proud to be illiterate, clearly!

11. And a few words of wisdom from the chief propagandist of the right-wing tweeps Farhan Virk himself

12. More wisdom

13. and more

Evidently, Farhan Virk is the man behind half of the propaganda trends on Twitter. But he wouldn’t start a trending topic against Lal Masjid cleric Abdul Aziz because… oh well, mullahs are harmless, liberals are not.

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